Saturday, November 04, 2006

more fall fun

Here are the two little leopards playing in the leaves in front of our house. they both really like to be outdoors. I am sorry that soon it is going to be too cold to play outside!
I'm also posting a couple of pictures from dinner the other night. We stopped on the way home from school and bought two ballons at the party store. No reason except everyone loves ballons! Stefanie is catalogue shopping. Never too early ot get a jump on holiday shopping. Basically she wants everything so by time she is done the whole page is circled.
last of all I am posting a picture of where the girls are sleeping. We call it "the nest" and it is on the floor next to my bed. Before anyone calls DYFS, I did invest in a layer of 'miricle foam' so they aren't sleeping right on the floor. I figure we have plenty of time to get everyone sleeping where they belong- for now, they are sleeping and they aren't in my bed!


momto2 said...

Sometimes when we update our blogs, it makes me sad that we aren't living closer.

I LOVE the picture of the nest. I want one for our bedroom. I am sure Hannah would love for us to buy foam for the floor. She is still directily on the carpet with two blankets underneath.
We all miss you and your girls so much.

Shelley and Hannah

Julie said...

Miracle foam, BRILLIANT!

Julie said...

Good luck back at work this week, I hope all goes well. Keep me posted!