Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Stefanie!

Stefanie has hit double digits- the big 1-0. It dawned on her this year that we don't know what time she was born. At first she was a little upset that we don't have this information. I told her that she can pick the time and this made her I'm-In-Control personality very happy. For future reference we are celebrating 12 noon as the official time of her birth. Happy birthday Stefanie- we love you!

job well done- JENA!

the whole family enjoyed Jena's Hag Ha Sidur. She did a wonderful job on stage singing and preforming with her classmates. We were all surprised to see that Jena is quite the stage director, using hand gestures to let all her friends know whose turn it was and where they were supposed to stand. I am so used to watching her sit back and let Stef run the show it was a whole new side of Jena to see that she has learned from the master (Stef) and can do a pretty good job running the show too! Hard to believe that 5 years ago she could hardly put two words together- way to go Jena!