Thursday, December 09, 2010

a sporty Chanukkah this year

Jena raked in the gifts this year with a baseball glove and tee ball set,rollerblades, hockey stick, puck and goal, football trading cards,cars cars and more cars as well as a Wii game (of Cars) and not be be forgotten- a trundle bed for her Babies. Stef went with the one 'big gift' and got an iPod touch. Everyone had a good laugh looking at Jena's giant pile of gifts and Stef's lonely little one. Now that Stefanie has an allowance and spends her own money (sometimes) she fully understand the value of 'good things come in little boxes' and asked everyone else who was buying her something to get her an iTunes gift card.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Olympic 2020?

here's a peak at what has been taking up most of our time- the JCC sharks Swim team. Stef was thrilled to move up to the competition level of the team (the Mako Sharks). Practice a minimum of twice a week and first meet next week. i will be sure to share the results

Happy Chanukkah!

a very busy holiday this year- Stefanie sang with choir at the local mall the first night and we rushed home to light candles and open gifts quickly so that everyone had a little time to play before going to bed, since it IS still a school night! Stefanie was thrilled to get the iPod touch she has been waiting "forever' for and Jena loved each and every gift, big or small, everyone was '"ust what I wanted"!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

just because-

--she looked so cute! so many pictures of Jena in her sports attire, I thought it might be nice to to post a picture of her looking pretty in purple