Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Fun

We have been busy busy busy at our house. All the Jewish holidays are past and the girls really enjoyed getting dressed up and going to synagogue. They both looked so adorable that no one even noticed I forgot half my clothes and wore the same outfit every day.
School is going well. we had back to school night already and the teachers think Stefanie is just as wonderful as I do, so we should get along fine! She has already impressed them with her reading and she tell me since she is "zooming ahead" with her reading her 'reading buddy' is the teacher. She has a bunch of new friends and was all set to 'break up' with her old friends. We had a long talk about how old friends can be the best friends. Jena is happy to go to the JCC and, except for a tiny biting problem, has done well. the story on the biting is that both times she was defending herself, once after being poked in the eye and once after being pushed on the slide. Not that it makes biting OK but i am glad to hear she wasn't the agressor. the teachers think as her speech gets stronger she won't feel the need to bite.
We went on a apple and pumpkin picking trip this weekend with friends. Alisa ( the Mommy) and I have been friends since we were 9 and we are both thrilled that our girls are the same ages and love to play together. they live by my parents so we try to get together when the girls are at Amah's house. It was just too cute to watch jena and kate walking around the farm holding hands. Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

UPDATE: the bus came !

After my careful stalking of the bus driver last week, the bus arrived promply at our house on Monday morning. Stef got on without complaint and away she went. The good news about this whole bus fiasco is that the driver now stops right in front of our house so when the weather gets bad Stef (and Mommy and Jena) can even wait inside where it is warm and dry.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Welcome to Kindergarden

I'd love to post a picture of Stefanie getting on the school bus for her first day of kindergarden, however, the bus never came. Yep, we stood on the corner for an hour and no bus. I drove her to school where she told me she just wanted me to take her to her classroom and not even come in. I gave her a kiss, she walked in, sat in the circle and never looked back. The school told me the busses had come 'early' on the first day, so get out there sooner. Day number 2 we were on the corner at 7am- complete with a big sign to flag down our bus and- you guessed it--no bus! That afternoon I stalked the bus driver by going to another stop on the route (Stef doesn't take the bus home becasue she does "aftercare")I caught the driver and found out that she has disregarded the published route and comes down the street from the other direction, which means she hits the other end of our street instead of the corner we stand on. I told her of the mistake and she promises she will be in the right spot on Monday. The good news is Stef is loving school. She already has two new best friends and a boyfriend (but "just one" she told me). She also already came home with a note saying what a good job she did reading. Here are a few pictures of us waiting for the bus on the first and second day. And yes- Jena is eating a bag of Pringles chips for breakfast pringles=potatoes=hash browns, right?