Sunday, August 26, 2007

back from the beach

We are back from our week at the beach in North Carolina. The 9 hour drive was very long and it seemed like we stopped every 5 minutes for a potty break. The girls had a blast at the house with lots of 'big girls'(9,11, and 12) to play with. I felt like I didn't see Stefanie all day. She would peek her head into the room to tell me she was going to the beach with the girls, or was outside with her new best friends making bracelets out of gymp. Jena was terrified of the ocean. She didn't like the way the waters edge can seek up on you while you are playing in the sand and she really didn't like it if I went into the water. I guess she figured it was OK if Stefanie got washed away but she was't willing to lose the Mommy. She did like digging in the sand (at a safe distance from the water)and flying kites. She also like jumping into the pool. She now even goes underwater. If we had another month of summer I think she would bne swimming on her own. I didn't take a single picture (bad mommy!) but have asked our fellow travelers to e-mail me theirs. As soon as i get some I will post pictures.

Monday, August 06, 2007

fun with friends

We are having so much fun this summer I don't want it to be over! It seems like we have friends over every weekend and spend all day playing and swimming. We are all in for a big shock when school starts again.