Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the X'ian girls take DC and Jena learns why football players wear helmets.

We went to DC on Sunday to meet up with BJ and Olivia (Stef's China sister) to see the Terra Cotta warriors. As soon as we arrived Jena slipped on the wet sidewalk and landed smack on her head. After a quick trip to the ER, we all saw the warriors. The next day we had the best weather - 55 and sunny- and everyone enjoyed the metro subway ride to the Smithsonian museums. All three girls like the rockets and spaceships, the dinosaur bones and the Hope diamond. Stef and Oliva chatted and giggled nonstop. The second Olivia stepped off the Metro on her way home Stef said "I miss her already" It was a great weekend, concussion and all!