Wednesday, November 29, 2006

no one told me Fedex was an option..

she only weighs 24 lbs....would have been a lot cheaper than a trip to China!

dressing up for dinner

you can never have too many jewels--

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mommy can be replaced with a lollypop

After a wonderful thanksgiving dinner is was time for the girls to spend their first night at my parents without me. When I work my 24 hour weekend shift I drop the girls off the night before I work and pick them up the day after. Since I had to work during the day on friday and there wasn't any daycare, it was Amah and Zayde to the rescue. I was worried because the girls wouldn't be in their "nest" and I wasn't sure if this was going to be a problem. As Julie T said- why do we even worry ? I am told there was less then 10 seconds of crying. I walked out the door, she started to cry, and as soon as a lollypop appeared, I was but a memory! Jena was her same happy self when I picked her up on friday night and even went willingly back to Amah and Zaydes house on Saturday, since I also have to work sunday. I can breate a big sigh of relief- final hurdle jumped!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

birthday party Elmopalooza!

We had a small Elmo themed bash at our house to celebrate jena's birthday. We only had family and close friend because I didn't want Jena to be too overwhelmed. As it was she stuck close to me for the first hour, until it was clear that none of the guests were babysitters in disguise.
Earlier in the day I took the girls swimming. It was Jenas first trip to the pool and she is proving to be a little fish just like her sister. She splashed kicked and didn't throw a fit when I dunked her under. Stef was already swimming under water at two, so we have to get things going with Jena!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Look who's 2!

The big party isn't until Sunday, but Jena turned two yesterday. We had beautiful weather and spent most of the day outside. I went to work since I figure it is that last year I can get away with working on a birthday!
Everyone continues to do great. Jena learned to say "up" this weekend and now says "up" "hot" and "apple". Stefanie is now offically out of pullups at night (yippee!). We had our planning meeting with the early intervention people and have mapped out a plan where Jena will get a developmental interventionalist to work on communication once a week and motor skills twice a month. they were very positive and think she is already making amazing strides. i am hoping we will only need 6 months of early intervention and be done with it!
I will post some party pictures on sunday, but here a couple of Jena on her trike and trying to talk me into letting her try Stef's bike since Stef was off at shool.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

to good to be true

I went back to work last night and there wasn't a single tear at my house. No one missed me at all. Margurite sadi i left and Jena sort of looked around and then figured she could deal with it. Went to bed without a problem and woke up with a smile! Tonight she was a little more clingy but basically the saem. Another hurdle down!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

more fall fun

Here are the two little leopards playing in the leaves in front of our house. they both really like to be outdoors. I am sorry that soon it is going to be too cold to play outside!
I'm also posting a couple of pictures from dinner the other night. We stopped on the way home from school and bought two ballons at the party store. No reason except everyone loves ballons! Stefanie is catalogue shopping. Never too early ot get a jump on holiday shopping. Basically she wants everything so by time she is done the whole page is circled.
last of all I am posting a picture of where the girls are sleeping. We call it "the nest" and it is on the floor next to my bed. Before anyone calls DYFS, I did invest in a layer of 'miricle foam' so they aren't sleeping right on the floor. I figure we have plenty of time to get everyone sleeping where they belong- for now, they are sleeping and they aren't in my bed!