Thursday, November 16, 2006

Look who's 2!

The big party isn't until Sunday, but Jena turned two yesterday. We had beautiful weather and spent most of the day outside. I went to work since I figure it is that last year I can get away with working on a birthday!
Everyone continues to do great. Jena learned to say "up" this weekend and now says "up" "hot" and "apple". Stefanie is now offically out of pullups at night (yippee!). We had our planning meeting with the early intervention people and have mapped out a plan where Jena will get a developmental interventionalist to work on communication once a week and motor skills twice a month. they were very positive and think she is already making amazing strides. i am hoping we will only need 6 months of early intervention and be done with it!
I will post some party pictures on sunday, but here a couple of Jena on her trike and trying to talk me into letting her try Stef's bike since Stef was off at shool.


momto2 said...

She looks almost 3 on that bike!! Can't wait to see pics of the cake eating...Claire still won't eat cake.

Hannah says she wishes she could do that on two wheels (ride a bike).

Julie said...

Happy birthday to Jena, Kacey says she LOVES being 2 and hopes you do too. Everytime she hears the happy b-day song she shouts 2222 through the entire thing--it's funny unless you aren't two and it's your birthday :)