Thursday, November 22, 2007


I think the picture says it all....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

so I've been a little busy....

I know, I know, Halloween, birthday, and no blog update. It's been crazy busy around here and it didn't help that i was actually expected to show up and work! Anyway, here's what has been going on-

Oct 30th: big news at our house as our new cousin, Baby Rafael is finally born. the girls have yet to meet him, as we are waiting for a window where everyone is cough/cold free. At the rate we are going I am hoping they get to see hime before his first birthday.

Halloween- I've posted a picture of Jena in her Dora costume. After assembling the perfect Hannah Montana costume for Stef she had an emotional breakdown and decided she was unable to trick or treat. she put her PJs on and sat on the sofa while Jena and I gave out the candies. it reminded me of when you read about how lindsy lohan or britny spears were admitted for 'emotion exhaustion'. After an hour of crying and a rest onthe sofa she was all recovered by bedtime. jena, meanwhile, had fun giving out the candies. the highlight of the night was when jena's OT therapist (from soon after was came home) happened to be trickertreating in our neighborhood. We hadn't seen her since Feb and, when she came to our door ans saw jena and myself she introduced herself and said "i was the therapist for your other daughter"--no I told her, not my OTHER daughter, THIS daughter! She thought jena was Stef-- she couldn't believe how great she looked.

Nov 7: we welcomed Baby Cameron, born to my friends lenny and linda. Stef's comment- ANOTHER boy!

Nov 15th- the big birthday. in the middle of my service week, everyone has been sick all week- Stef temp 103, jena on abx and nebulizers--won't stop us from partying! amah and zayde brought uncle harold and Jan over for dinner and our friend Judy brought an amazing Dora cake. jena was in her glory. i was so busy i never took and pictures!

now- NOv 28th we all head to el paso to visit family and we even have a special treat and get to see one of jena's Anhui sisters in New Mexico. i will bring the camera and hope to have some great pictures of the two of them together.
well- that's all for now - happy thanksgiving to everyone!!