Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Stefanie!

Stefanie has hit double digits- the big 1-0. It dawned on her this year that we don't know what time she was born. At first she was a little upset that we don't have this information. I told her that she can pick the time and this made her I'm-In-Control personality very happy. For future reference we are celebrating 12 noon as the official time of her birth. Happy birthday Stefanie- we love you!

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shelley said...

My how our girl has grown. She is such a beautiful young lady now. She has always been so special, taking on new friendships in far away places, learning to be a big sister. Excelling in swimming, piano, Chinese language, Hebrew language, and of course having the sweetest and most caring spirit of any 10 yr old we know. Happy Birthday kiddo...

BTW...Claire is about to be sick with jealousy over Jena losing more teeth than her. She is the only one in her 1st grade that hasn't lost "the big teeth in front" I think she is about ready for Kevin to knock them out for her. LOVE TO YOU ALL