Tuesday, October 31, 2006

trick or treat

Here are my little trick or treaters. This photo captures the 15 seconds where Jena agreed to keep her ears on and Stef agreed to keep her hat and her horse. By time we left the house the costumes were a little less complete. At first Stefanie thought maybe she didn't want to go out, that she would rather stay home and give out candy. After about 5 houses she was good to go and insisted we keep going until we fill the bucket. This was made a little more difficult by the fact that we had to aviod any house that Stefanie felt was the slightest bit "creepy". My personal pet peeve-- if you aren't going to answer the door on halloween turn your porch light off!
Jena contines to do well at daycare. She has become attached to one of Stefanies old baby blankets we call 'silkey'. I am encourging this since she has to get used to sleeping here, there, and everywhere i like the idea of her having a security object. Remind me of that when she is 10 and I am trying to get her to give it up!
Last night was back to school night and Margurite came over to babysit. There was some crying after I left but Jena did manage to go to sleep without me which is good news since I go back to work next week.


momto2 said...

Now that is a texas cowgirl if I have ever seen one.

Minnie is priceless.


Julie said...

Wow, we should have received a discount for our multiple Minnie purchases! We've got a couple of cute mouses though. I'm so proud of the cowgirl for trick or treating I know it can be scary out there :)