Thursday, October 26, 2006

shots shots and more shots!

We have had a busy few days. On tues the early intervention people came over for Jena's evaluation. she will qualify for speech as well as fine and gross motor skills. They expect her to pick quickly as they think her deficits are just realated to lack of oppurtunity. it is amazing to watch her play, she is like a little spunge. She watches her sister and then trys to do everything that Stef is doing.
On weds morning we went the doctor where she got six (yes-6!!) shots. we have decided to catch her up but repeating shots and that means at least 2 shots a month fot thenext 3 months. She is really going to hate going to the doctor by the time we are done. We also have alot of blood work to get but I figured 6 sticks was enough for one week.
This moring we took her to my parents synagouge for her ritual bath, to complete her conversion. She was carried into the deep bathtub by her Zayde and didn't complain too badly when she was dunked under water. She is now offically named Yona Chava in hebrew. the Yona is in memory of my great Aunt Jeanette- no one knew her hebrew name and my sister came up with Yona - whcih means 'dove' since she flew across the ocean to find her home. The Chava is hebrew for Eve - in memory of my great aunt Eva. Big sister Stefanie watched the whole thing with great interest.

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momto2 said...

What a wonderful post. It made me smile to think of big sister watching and I am sure beaming. We too caught up on shots and have to go back in a couple of weeks.

Glad to know about the early intervention. Keep us posted on how it goes. Still missing you.