Monday, April 21, 2008

passover pictures

Here are a few photos of the girls and also cousin Rafi from passover. Jena is still not quite 100% but,as you can see,that didn't hold her back. Stef did an amazing job at the Seder with a flawless Hebrew reading of The Four Questions. She stayed up for the whole Seder, which wasn't over until almost midnight. Jena didn't want to miss out on the fun (always the party girl) so she took her pillow and blanket and slept on the dining room floor.

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shelley said...

Yea for Stef!!!! We who know you...know that you are brilliant. The Smiths are way proud of you.

Jena's hair is really growing. We have suddenly started having hair issues...too many tangles, she didn't want two ponies...etc. I think a new do is in the future. Stay tuned.

Missing you.

Can't wait for Disney!!!