Saturday, November 01, 2008

trick or treat!

Jena has been waiting for weeks to wear her Supergirl costume. She ran down the street yelling "can you see my cape flying?!?"Getting the candy was almost secondary to the fun of being Supergirl. Turns out it was so much fun that she wore her costume all day Saturday too. Just like last year Stefanie decided that she wasn't going to dress up and would rather give out candy. Why spend your time and energy walking the neighborhood when there is always plenty of candy at home? Here is a great picture of Supergirl and Stef in her Friday dress attire, or - as I called her Fashiongirl!


shelley said...

Love the tights on Stef....want some. I agree with Stef why walk when it is in your own living room.

Julie said...

super and stylish what else could you ask for!

Ashley Winters said...

Adorable photos!