Saturday, January 20, 2007

quick update

I wanted to give everyone an update as it has been a few days since my last post. After 3+ weeks of wiping runny noses x 2 i finally caught the bad cold that has been hanging out at our house this winter. The girls have been very sweet- Jena loves to bring me tissues and Stefanie suggested i really needed some chicken soup. A great jewish mother in the making!
I am in the process of buying a new house. It looks like we will agree on a price soon. My house offically went on the market on friday and I spent this morning cleaning like a mad woman. I have no idea how I am going to keep it in 'show' shape with the girls running around making messes as fast as I am cleaning!
Jena is now sleeping on her own in her own bed in the room with Stefanie. The first week after she moved she would cry if i left the room before she was asleep. The first night i was at work she climbed into bed an waved goodbye to Margurite and happily went to sleep!! the next night I put her to bed, she pointed to Stef's bed (where i had been laying) and I told her 'no- that is Stef's bed- mommy sleeps in her own room' and walked out, she cried for 2 minutes, i came back and repeated the process, the second time i came back she realized she wasn't going to win this one and rolled over and went to bed. Total crying time 4 minutes! Now she goes to bed and I walk out without a problem.
I visted the day school Stefanie will be attending next year- can't believe my baby is going to kindergarden next year!
will try to get some new pictures posted this week--


shelley said...

So sorry you have been sick AND trying to sell/buy a home. When it rains....

Jena is such a big girl. Feb 1 is our day. Claire also goes to sleep in her bed without complaint..but her bed is still in our room. Wish me luck. Can't wait to see pics of the girls AND the new house.



juliesfamily said...

I'm glad you're all feeling better. How exciting to be buying a new house! As an old pro at buying and selling houses, don't sweat YOUR house being perfect every time someone wants to look at it or you'll be exhausted trying to keep us. REAL people will be looking at your home. We have "looked" at literally, hundreds of homes in our married lifetime, and only ONE was perfect every time we saw it. REALLY!

best of luck

julie w