Friday, December 15, 2006

the miracle of Channuka

There was much excitement in the Rose household as my two miracles celebrated the miracle of Channuka. You can get a sense of the high level of excitement as evidenced in their inablility to sit still long enough for a picture! Tomorrow things should be a little calmer and I'll try to get a photo of Stefanie lighting the menorah-
Happy Channuka everyone -- hope you house is filled with as much laughter as mine!


Julie said...

Happy 3 Month Anniversary of Gotcha Day Rose Family! Has it only been 90 days, no way:)

juliesfamily said...

Julie T. mentioned in her blog how exhausted she is. Some days I wonder how I get through I am so tired. And yet, life without these little girls of ours would be so quiet, so boring. I love their energy, their quick wit, and their strength. I do NOT love fights between 5 year olds and almost 2 year olds!

Happy Channuka Diane, Stefanie, and Jena!

julie w