Friday, December 08, 2006

Luckiest Mommy in the world

There is word tonight the CCAA (china government office of adoption) has announced that starting May 2007 they will no longer allow singles to adopt. They claim they have twice as many applications for adoption as they do available babies. I spent the evening looking at Jena thinking how empty our house was before she joined our family. I am so lucky I started the process when I did. Here is a picture of the girls being silly and finally getting some wear out of their Chinese dreses!


momto2 said...

I,too, read that and my heart ached for the singles who were just thinking about adopting. We know what they will be missing and it is painful. I am so very thankful for your sweet Jena and Stefanie and for JTs beautiful Kacey. What a horrible loss it would have been if they had decided this earlier.

Happy Hanukkah


juliesfamily said...

Oh Diane, I am so glad you got Jena and Stefanie when you did, and indeed, you were supposed to. And imagine Miss Kacey without her very special mommy!

YOU Diane, are a GREAT mom!!


Julie said...

The "what ifs" for me are so scary! What if I hadn't gotten that last spot with GW, what if I hadn't worked so hard to get my paperwork done? What if I didn't have Kacey, that's just unimaginable!!!

Julie said...

What if I didn't have the priviledge(sp?) of traveling to China with the Rose Posse, also unthinkable!!!

momto2 said...

Cute little matching dresses! Me and Claire aren't going to have matching ones but we will both still have silk dresses.