Wednesday, September 09, 2009

2nd grade already? and one happy peacock!

First day of school for Stef and true to form the bus didn't come. Why should this year be any different? Stef is thrilled to have two of her best friends in her class this year. Jena is now in the peacock room. Her 'elephant' class from last year has been mixed with the 'fish' class. Some of her friends are with her in the peacocks and some are in the giraffe class. I carefully explained this to her before the first day, a little worried that she might be upset. Her response to me was "That's GREAT- I get to make new friends!" I love her always positive outlook on life.


Julie said...

what would we do without bus drama? those are some good looking little students.

shelley said...

They look so grown up. I think I will be diappointed if the bus DID show up. I can't wait each year for the bus post.

Such beautiful girls....we are so lucky

Ashley Winters said...

The first days of school are always exciting!