Wednesday, April 04, 2007

wish I hadn't packed the camera

That loose tooth of Stef's finally fell out last friday. After about a month of wiggling it fell right out at school. She was very excited to spend her five dollars that the tooth fairy left. I wish I had my camera because she looks so grown up with her missing tooth! We had a wonderful passover seder at my parents house. Stefanie was so proud to say 'the four questions' which is the start of the seder, where the youngest child asks 'why is this night differnet from all other nights'There are four different qustions that all ask about different laws of passover. Last year she needed some help but this year she had them all ready to go--did I mention the questions are in Hebrew?? Jena stayed up for the first half of the seders and very much enjoyed the wine. I am thinking we may have a drinker in the making! You can tell everyone had a blast by the fact that it is 6:15 and they are both sound asleep for the night. 23 day until we move in.....


shelley said...

So glad to hear from you. I thought since you were homeless you couldn't get on a computer.

Yea for Stef...she is so smart to learn all that. Good news on the tooth as well. Now she is a real big girl.



shelley said...

I can't believe that Stef lost her first tooth!!When I lost my first 2 teeth I got a Polly pocket weird huh? Well best Wishes


juliesfamily said...

I can't believe Stef has already lost a tooth! What did she think of it? Was she freaked out at all? I'm pretty sure Mary will be when she loses her first.

miss you!!

julie w